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Beginning in 2019, God gave us vision for an evangelistic expression across America to partner with the Lord to see this nation set on fire. God asked us to do this by spending our summer on a missions tour to simply create space for people to encounter the love of Jesus.


The vision God gave was to spend 8+ weeks, in one city each week, partnering with believers/communities of faith to; serve the city, evangelize, and gather for public outdoor worship gatherings where an opportunity to respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ is presented.


This simple strategy that the Lord gave us started with 6 guys in an RV in 2019 and has now multiplied to 6 different teams going out and totalling 100+ young people participating in this mission. We believe when America reaches its full potential in Jesus the whole world will be changed and it is our heart to play whatever role God is asking us while we participate in the great commission.

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The first portion of our time in a location is spent making the most of our opportunities to serve the community. Our teams serve the churches, organizations, and people in need who we have made a connection with prior to our arrival. 

Apart from our opportunities to serve throughout the week, we spend intentional time looking to initiate conversations and prayer with people in the community through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Throughout the entire week, we create space for people to encounter the presence of Jesus through worship. At the beginning of the week this consists of setting up and worshiping in locations where anyone could come in contact with us (parks, beaches, streets, etc). To conclude our time in each community, we hold an advertised night of worship in a public space, which includes presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ to people through song, scripture, testimony, and prayer. 

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