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our mission


Vision Statement:

Extending the Gospel to every heart, every neighbor, everywhere

Mission Statement:


Creating space for people to encounter the love of God

through service, worship, testimony, and the message of Jesus Christ.


our plan

a week in the life of the everyheart team:


Everyheart will be heading to 10-12 different locations/cities within the United States

                                     throughout this upcoming summer (1 per week).




The first portion of our time in a location will be spent making the most of our opportunities to serve the community. Our team will be serving the churches, organizations, and people in need who we have made a connection with prior to our arrival. 


Apart from our opportunities to serve throughout the week, we will be spending time looking to initiate conversations and prayer with people in the community through the guidance of the holy spirit.


Throughout the entire week, we will be creating spaces for people to encounter the presence of Jesus through worship. During the first part of the week, this will consist of simply setting up and worshiping in locations where anyone could come in contact with us (parks, beaches, streets, etc). To conclude our time in each community, we will be holding an advertised night of worship in a public space. These nights of worship will consist of presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ to people through song, scripture, testimony, and prayer. 


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