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God has given us a BIG vision for the next 3-5 years and we need your help to see it come to fruition.

Our goal is $20,000 a month in recurring donations

200 people giving $100 monthly
or 1,000 giving $20 monthly
$100 a month sponsors an entire mbl campus for 1 year
Your investment in this campaign goes towards:

- Sound equipment for MBL campuses and Tours
-Training initiatives for campuses and missionaries 
- Supplies for local outreach initiatives
- Ability to send more long term missionaries to Alaska/Nations
- Staff sustainability efforts
- Live stream and media production equipment
- Rent for potential gathering spaces
- Tours: sending leaders for free and lowering costs creating more accessibility for students

We are inviting you to be a part of the solution. There are so many still waiting on the advancement of the Gospel. Would you prayerfully consider giving towards our goal?

The EveryHeart Movement is an interdenominational Christian missions movement dedicated to creating space for every heart to be met by the love of Jesus Christ. We are currently committed to the fulfillment of this purpose through Met by Love (MBL) – our presence-driven, mission-minded, faith-filled, and student-led college campus initiative, EveryHeart Tours – our summer evangelistic outreach that sends teams to American cities and villages to serve, preach the Gospel, and worship, and other local initiatives that include our prayer room, city-wide outreaches, missional-believer trainings, and MBL Unity weekends.


Over the past four years we have been committed to consistently hosting the Presence of God on Monday nights at 9 o’clock across college campuses in our region. Through these Met by Love (MBL) gatherings, we have witnessed hundreds of young people be met by the love of Jesus and completely transformed by His presence. We have seen God do the miraculous: people who were contemplating suicide have found their purpose in Jesus, students running far away from Jesus are now running urgently towards the lost, wounded and broken hearts have been healed and brought to life, physical bodies have been healed, the addicted have been set free and so much more!

Many of the same young people who we have seen fall in love with Jesus through MBL have then been sent out as short and long term missionaries across America during the summer on EveryHeart tours. Over the last four years, 14 teams, totaling 103 young missionaries, have been sent out of Michigan to surrounding states, cities, and villages with the Gospel coursing through their veins. These teams have been able to reach thousands of people across America, with 750+ of those people committing their lives to Jesus. This is the cycle we believe God has asked us to keep pursuing as a movement: seeing people met by His love and then sent by His love for the advancement of His Kingdom in our nation.

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